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Real Estate Listings

The opportunities below are listings that include real estate with the sale of the operation. We've curated this list to highlight the inventory with hard assets making it easy for investors to navigate through the website. For any inquires please dont hesitate to contact us. 



Black Hawk & Central City

This operation includes two retail cannabis stores, one located in Black Hawk and the other in Central City Colorado. Real estate is included with the sell of the Central City location.


Denver Indoor Grow

This cultivation operation is located in Denver, Colorado. The grow is about 7,500sqft and contains a Tier 1 recreational and medical license. The facility is available for purchase. 

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Dispensary & Grow

This vertically integrated opportunity contains a grow and dispensary that both hold recreational and medicinal licenses. The facility this operation is running out of is available for sale. 


Denver Dispensary

This store contains both recreational and medicinal licenses. The facility is a stand alone building with parking and is located on the corner. Real estate is included in the sale of this operation. 

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