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Giving cannabis businesses a better understanding of their value.

Valuation Reports Provide Key Information for Companies

MMJBS in Conjunction with Acoma Capital Partners Inc, has now begun to offer valuations as a stand alone package aside from our exit strategy consulting. Valuation reports are key pieces of information that can help businesses obtain a healthier understanding of their operations, locate inconsistencies, better compare themselves to competitors and even themselves at a prior date. 

Valuations are also crucial to companies looking to divest percentages, or entireties of their business, or in instances of partnership disagreements, divorce, etc. In many occasions, business owners will attempt to value their own operations without the help of a professional, resulting in an incomplete, inconsistent report that often leaves the enterprise value substantially lower or higher than it should be, as well as leaving potential buyers perplexed.

Determine the fair value & health of your cannabis business.

Depending on the business’s intended use, MMJBS is able to work with the owners, management, and accountants  to put together a fully robust and thorough report that presents the financial health of the company, as well as obtaining a fair market value of the firm using different valuation approaches. 

Let MMJBS help you with your valuation today!

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