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The Offering


MMJ Business Solutions is pleased to offer the opportunity to acquire a vertically integrated medically licensed cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary operation. The 3 dispensaries and 10,000 sqft production facility (which also houses an infused product license) has a knowledgeable and experienced staff, which makes this an excellent opportunity for acquisition. This chain has been in business for over 11yrs and boasts a known and credible market share in the Colorado Springs area.


A 10,000 sqft cultivation facility located in the warehouse district in Colorado Springs. This facility has a tier-one license and can grow up to 1500 plants. It has a propriety water oxygen system and produces some of Colorado's highest quality flower and trim. This facility's production numbers have been improving consistently and the best is yet to come!


The facility also has a MIP license and produces vape pens, hash and topicals. Use the top quality trim produced in this facility to produce your own specialty brands and expand the offerings. 

* Excellent reliable infrastructure with rolling tables, auto irrigation, movable lights and easy maintenance for great efficiencies.

*   Cultivation operation decisions are based on historical yield data, plant sap and root zone analysis, cannabinoid and terpene testing and rigorous nutrient testing and analysis.

* Grows all its own flower for the stores and uses its own trim to create branded wax, shatter and concentrates. 

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